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  We offer a unique and wide range of Electrical Design solutions. Our offering includes simple, cost effective, proven standard designs and advanced customized designs based on client-specific requirements.
Our main aim is to provide consultancy, expert services, advises, designs, drawings, technical specifications in relation to Classification Society requirements, preventive maintenance schedule, Third party inspection at all stages of ship building & overall supervision.
We offer Electrical Design solutions as per the customer`s requirements. We can supply technical solutions for offshore vessels engaged in every stage of field development. We also offer technical support for complete electrical and automation systems of the vessel. Our design solutions ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.
We are mainly concentrating to play intermediate role in between Shipyards and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of various equipments/ machineries on board. Usually Shipyard faces number of problems while dealing with various OEM`s simultaneously, which results in overall time delay in ship building project. Every OEM only provides drawings, cable schedules and termination details of the given machineries, irrespective of the client`s needs. Most of the time they are not aware of the other equipments the are going to be interfaced with their machinery. In such cases Shipyards faces SIGNAL INTERFACING problem of various machineries. In such situations we can provide effective solutions regarding various equipments/machineries and their best possible interfaces with other machineries.
We are expertise in producing various Signal Interfacing drawings, cable schedules, termination details of various systems like Dynamic Positioning, Vessel Automation system, Central Alarm System, Main Engines, various types of Propulsions, Main Generators. Our aim is to give complete Electrical drawing inclusive of interfaces to Shipyards.
Based upon the manufacturers’ drawings of various machineries we can produce cable schedule and check wire schedule with proper selection of cables and preparation of working drawings which are required for the ground level working.Cable schedules as well as check wire schedules with all termination details are very helpful in cable lying phase of ship buildings.Ground level drawings, especially for electrician, are very much important to speed up the electrical cables` termination work. We are expertise in producing such kind of drawings as per the shipyard requirements as well as simplified drawings for shipyard`s electrician.
We can help shipyards by preparing trial protocol for proving various equipments/machineries to various classification societies. The classification society’s laws keep changing and we always update ourselves with them. Considering the classification society rules for the respective Vessel, Shipyard has to prepare sets of Sea Trial Protocol. We offer these sets of trial protocol as per the Shipyard`s requirements. Every shipyard has its own Quality Assurance and Quality Control department. We can help them out in such cases of Vessels. As per the shipyards ISO manuals and Working STANDARDS we will prepare Quality Assurance trial protocol.
Now a days many clients are insisting Dynamic Positioning Ships. These ships are very advanced ships. Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a computer-controlled system that automatically maintains a vessel’s position and heading. We can assure shipyards the consultancy regarding Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA), how to achieve Redundancy in various systems. We can help shipyards in interpreting the FMEA reports by various classifications societies. As well as we can help them to clear out the Class comments.
Today Power Management System (PMS) and Vessel Management System (VMS) are heart of the ships. The development of these systems in shipping field made seafarers` life much better. But to install and commission such highly automated system on ship is very tedious job. It requires very deep study of PMS/VMS system as well as all other machineries which are interfaced with this system. Sometimes small modification is required in signal processing to interface other machineries with automation system. Shipyard always faces interfacing problem of the machineries and automation system. We assure that we can give complete solutions in such interfacing problems to shipyard.
Dhruva Shipping Consulting is your assurance for a professional partner that constantly ensures that your projects/designs always comply with existing regulations and requirements.
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